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Pretty funny.... plastic sword :P. The art could be a little better but i cant say anything cause I dont have any of my work on ng to prove I know anything about flash. Keep going though!

stormoftara responds:

Thanks for the review. I'll try harder in the future. I can't go back and fix this one now because I accidently saved over it T_T


I have seen allthe blockhead movie/ videos and LOVE all of them, but this is by far my favorite. "THe weavil knows all" LOL priceless.


I don't think there is a flash submission of yours I don't like.. and I think the FF stuff is definately good enough for NG! Ooops I just spoiled the surprise XD. The exagerrated Barret thing is really funny! Keep up the good work.

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Hey hey hey!

So I quit getting on newgrounds for a while and finally decide to see what's up on here, and realize hey my song is in a game. HELL YES! So you know, I check it out.

Gotta say I like the style, it's oldschool, has zombies, and a crowbar, what's not to love?


Loved the original! I miss being able to catapult people though, now they just explode when you try. :/

Still amazing! Lost one point for being able to use someones head as a support for a balance beam. lol


Great game based around a great song! I love the details put into this, the volcanoes erupting in sync with the song. Everything fits! Well done!!!

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I totally hear the "feel good" vibes that Netsky or any Monstercat song would have. It's just missing the hard hitting elements to make it either one of those and I appreciate it more for that.

Regardless this song speaks to you in it's own language. Full of emotion while having some dissonance to it, which makes it it's own.. and after reading the back story, makes me feel like that has projected from your own personality. This just makes it all the more beautiful.

Am I over-analyzing? Maybe, but that's just me being me.

On a side note, if you ever need a random ear that won't judge you for what you have to say, PM me. Sometimes the best person to talk to is a complete stranger. :)

I wish you luck and happiness!

Teckmo-X responds:

Yeah you got the concept. Pretty much it's smooth without the dubstep and all the drops. It's simple but like I said only had a little bit of time to compose something. Thank you for your kind thoughts!

Been a while! Thought I'd check in on ya! Still killing it I see!

gray1 responds:

holly shit. dude. yeah its even worse man im working on an album for sure now.
thanks for checkin up on me man. thats ironic i was just thinking about your old remixes

I totally forgot about this! So catchy, and that ending is trippy. lol You need to get back into this so we can collab again!

I love to play the guitar... idk. I suck at talking about myself.

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